The magic of theatre is real and you are an amazing magician!” - Nikki R
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I know this is no easy feat, but you always pull it off in an incredible way! Thank you for inspiring my kiddo to love theatre so much- she loves you and admires you! ” - Mindy C
You are just amazing! Thank you for the energy and the joy you share with these kids. Thank you for sharing your passion for the arts. Thank you for your vision and for bringing it to fruition and to always great performances.” - Mary & Dan N
You’re the BEST director EVER!” - Cast of Lion King
You have been a great director for all the shows I have been in. You have really helped me grow in my acting and confidence. I greatly appreciate you and all you do for us! Thank you very much!” - Sophie C
I will forever be grateful to you for all the time, passion and energy you’ve poured into these kids, but especially mine! He has improved so much under your teaching. Thank you for all your patience, coaching and counsel. Congrats on another outstanding season!” - Jenny V
Your shows are so full magic and love and we hope you know that we love you!” - Claire W
Ms Julia, you are such a great director and nothing can explain how much I love to work with you doing something I love! ” - Sawyer P.
Thank you for all help and opportunities you have given me. You are so helpful and an amazing role model to look up to. I will always remember you!” - Claire H
Thanks for all you do for these kids! You are giving them memories and skills that will last a lifetime. ” - Kim P